President— Renee Frieda, SPHR
Vice President—Christina Flores, MBA
Secretary/Treasurer—Rachel Dominguez, PHR, SHRM-CP
Immediate Past PresidentPassion Hayes, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Past PresidentGreg George


Valerie Francois, IPMA-SCP
LaShon Gros
Errol Hardin, MA, SPHR


Jay Nwamadi
Cheryl D. Orr, MSW, IPMA-SCP


2021 - 2022 – Kari Jo Zika, IPMA-HR SCP
2020 – Greg George, PHR
2019 – Omar C. Reid
2017 – 2018 Debbie L. Maynor, MBA, IPMA-SCP, SPHR-CP, SHRM-CP
2016 – 2017 Priscilla S. Wilson IPMA-SCP, SPHR-CP, SHRM-CP
2014 – 2016 Mark Washington, DEdMin


Bylaws: —Responsible for reviewing the chapter bylaws for consistency with IPMA-HR, and recommending any changes to the Governing Board and membership.

Conference Planning: —Responsible for identifying, researching and recommending the conference venue, to include conference theme speakers, food/beverage menu, facility logistics, program arrangements, social events, contract arrangements, etc. The committee should use available communication mechanisms (social media, confer- ence website, materials in the registration area) to present local information to potential annual meeting registrants.

Corporate Advisory Committee: – The Texas IPMA-HR Board recognizes the importance of its corporate members in helping to sustain many of the chapter’s core programs and activities through sponsorship and marketing support. It is further recognized that there should be a vehicle for corporate members to provide recommendations to the TX IPMA-HR board.

Legislative: —Responsible for the review and reporting of proposed and confirmed local, state and federal legislative changes that affect public sector entities.

Membership/Outreach: —Responsible for soliciting new members to join TX IPMA-HR, for verifying existing membership, and recruiting new members into the organization. The committee shall send out welcome letters to new members, renewals letters and follow-up reminder letters to current members. The committee is responsible for coordinating a “New Member” recognition/orientation for new members during the annual conference.

Nominations Committee: —Chaired by the immediate Past President with at least two members at large and is charges with ensuring that candidates nominated for office meet the criteria established by the Governing Board. The Nominations Committee must nominate at least one member for each available office.

Professional Development: —Responsible for delivering professional development opportunities to members throughout the year and ensuring that the chapter’s professional development programs meet the diverse needs of the profession and provide the highest quality learning experiences.

Site Selection: —Responsible for identifying potential host sites for upcoming annual conferences. The Site Selection Committee, chaired by the Vice President, shall make a recommendation(s) to the Board of the upcoming year’s conference location a the annual business meeting.

Sponsorship: —Responsible for leveraging member connections with business partners in various industries and creating a target contact list of potential business sponsors. Committee members share the conference promotional information with their contacts, friends, and connections to encourage financial support to the chapter.

Website/Social Media: —Responsible for communicating goals and initiatives of the chapter, connect members with each other and professional resources, and advance the professional development of HR professionals through an online web presence and social media interfaces. The committee will work with the web administrator to ensure web content is current, accurate, and appealing to the reader.